EZM Group


The EZM Group has a total of roughly 300 highly motivated employees and comprises:

• EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark GmbH in Wetter l
• EZM Metallbearbeitung und Service GmbH – Markmetall – in Wetter
• EZM Profil Bearbeitung GmbH in Rohr/Thuringia
• EZM Gelenk- und Systemtechnik GmbH in Wetter

Advanced manufacturing technology, competent consulting, close cooperation with our customers and dedicated service – that is our concept for problem solutions based on partnership. The objective of restructuring the EZM Group is to further strengthen our market position and gear the company even better and more effectively to the needs of our customers.

A Group of Companies with good prospects

Wetter, Nordstrasse 14, 58300 Wetter, GERMANY

EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark



EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark uses cold-forming processes to manufacture
• drawn, ground and polished bright steel,
• standard sections, and
• special sections to customer drawings
in almost all steel materials. The high-quality products are predominantly used in plant and machine construction, the automotive sector, power engineering and medical equipment.
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Wetter, Nordstraße 14, 58300 Wetter, GERMANY

EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark



The Works of EZM Edelstahlzieherei Mark machine and plant construction is now located in Wetter, too. The products manufactured there under the familiar brand name P&L (Proll & Lohmann) include both drum dyeing machines and spring production machines. The production range is rounded off by the BAK brand, under which heat treatment and chemical surface treatment systems are manufactured. The company’s portfolio also encompasses the servicing and repair of these machines and systems.
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Nordstrasse 14, 58300 Wetter, GERMANY

EZM Metallbearbeitung und Service



Among other things, EZM Metallbearbeitung und Service GmbH, known as Markmetall for short, builds straightening machines for round stock and sections, with driven straightening rolls and in customer-specific versions. The Markmetall product range also includes handling equipment for Circographs with material storage units, separators, feed and delivery units. This range is rounded off by the production of spare parts according to drawings/samples, as well as the repair of second-hand machines.
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Rotes Tal 5, 98530 Rohr, GERMANY

EZM Profil Bearbeitung


EZM Profil Bearbeitung GmbH, based in Rohr/Thuringia, has two ultra modern production facilities. The innovative combination of annealing, abrasive cleaning, straightening, milling and planing processes offers an inexpensive and competitive alternative to traditional manufacturing technologies. The company has a special focus on linear guides for general machine and plant construction. Their special, stress-free design offers customers significant advantages in further processing.
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Nordstraße 14, 58300 Wetter, GERMANY

EZM Gelenk und Systemtechnik


EZM Gelenk- und Systemtechnik stands for the production of swivel joints, flexible swivel joints and rotary connections for use wherever moving pipe connections are required between two plant components that move relative to each other. From the initial enquiry and design, all the way to production, we offer a tailor-made solution with qualified and customer-oriented consulting. To round off the portfolio, GST also manufactures and markets chain wheels produced to customer-specific designs.
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